A.1 Electronics Technologies and Materials

A.2 (Eco)Products: Data Centers, Networks, the "Internet"

A.3 (Eco)Products: Mobile Devices

Understanding Asian Consumer Acceptance Toward a Refurbished Smartphone

Chun, Yoon-Young (1); Matsumoto, Mitsutaka (2); Tahara, Kiyotaka (1)
1: Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan; 2: Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan

Environmental Implications of Service Life Extension of Mobile Devices

Jattke, Marleen (1); Bieser, Jan (2); Blumer, Yann (3); Itten, René (1); Stucki, Matthias (1)
1: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, Wädenswil, Switzerland; 2: University of Zurich, Department of Informatics, Zurich, Switzerland; 3: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Winterthur, Switzerland

A.4 (Eco)Products: Mobility, White Goods, and more

B.1 Material Recycling, Sorting and Separation

Liquids in Capacitors from WEEE

Savi, Daniel (1); Widmer, Rolf (2); Kasser, Ueli (1)
1: Büro für Umweltchemie GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland; 2: Empa, Technology and Society Department, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Initiating the Human-robot Collaboration During the WEEE Management

Arnaiz, Sixto (1); Cacho, Iñigo (1); Uria, Iratxe (1); Guarde, Dorleta (2); Arieta-araunabeña, Maider (2); Stergiou, Athanasios (3); Karamoutsos, Spyridon-Dionysios (3); Antunes, Ana-Catarina (4); Oliveira, Elisabete (4); Sillaurren, Sara (5); Bastida, Leire (5)
1: GAIKER Technology Centre, Zamudio, Spain; 2: INDUMETAL RECYCLING, S.A., Asua-Erandio, Spain; 3: BIANATT, S.A., Aspropirgos, Greece; 4: INTERECYCLING, S.A., Tondela, Portugal; 5: TECNALIA, Derio, Spain

B.2 Circularity of Plastics

Grading System for Post-consumer Recycled Plastics from WEEE

Wagner, Florian (1,2); Bracquene, Ellen (1); Wagner, Eduard (3); De Keyzer, Jozefien (2); Duflou, Joost R. (1); Dewulf, Wim (1); Peeters, Jef (1)
1: Department of Mechanical Engineering, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium; 2: Department of Chemical Engineering, KU Leuven, Diepenbeek, Belgium; 3: Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

NONTOX – Removing Hazardous Substances to Increase Recycling Rates of WEEE, ELV and CDW Plastics

Campadello, Luca (1); Legnani, Gaia (1); Vincenti, Nazarena (1); Muhammad, Qureshi Saad (2); Schlummer, Martin (3); Quiros, Sandra Ramon (4); Rodriguez, Juan Miguel Moreno (5); Fermoso, Javier (5); Barreto, Carlos (6); Taveau, Mathilde (7); Ardolino, Filomena (8); Cardamone, Giovanni Francesco (8); Arena, Umberto (8)
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B.3 Recycling Systems: Compliance Schemes and WEEE Developments

B.4 Recycling Systems: Regional Examples

C.1 Circular Economy: Repair, Reuse, Remanufacture, Maintenance

C.2 Assessment: Lifetime, Robustness and Circularity Metrics

C.3 Circular Society Vision

D.1 Assessment: LCA, non-LCA and Beyond LCA

Modernizing a Life Cycle Eco-Impact Estimator for ICT Products

Okrasinski, Thomas (1); Zhao, Fu (2); Lin, Xuda (2); Peterson, Alisha (3); Murphy, Padraig (4); Dender, Lisa (5); Kline. Jr., Donald (3); Helminen, Erkko (6); Schaffer, Mark (7)
1: Nokia Bell Labs, Richmond, USA; 2: Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA; 3: Intel, Phoenix, USA; 4: Logitech, Cork, Ireland; 5: IBM, Armonk, USA; 6: TTM, Guangzhou, China; 7: iNEMI, Morrisville, USA

D.2 Societal Perspectives: Global Change, Activating Users, Education

D.3 Regulation on Materials Level: RoHS, SCiP, CRM

Products, Technologies, and Normative Requirements for Recycling of Valuable and Critical Raw Materials

Deubzer, Otmar Karl (1); Wagner, Michelle (1); Art, Steven Art (2); Baron, Yifaat (3); Buchert, Matthias (3); Hilbert, Inga (3); Herreras, Lucia (4); Manoochehri, Shahrzad (5); Valdivia, Sonia (5); Wuisan, Lindsey (6); Zonneveld, Norbert (7)
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The CEWASTE Assurance and Verification System for the Certification of Waste Management Operators with CRM Focused Requirements

Baron, Yifaat (1); Maijala, Adeline (2); Lopez, Viviana (1); Thiebaud, Esther (6); Haarman, Arthur (6); Kaartinen, Harri (2); Herreras, Lucia (3); Hajosi, Enikö (3); Wuisan, Lindsey (5); Winkler, Josef (4); Gruen, Karl (4); Hilbert, Inga (1); Valdivia, Sonia (9); Manoochehri, Shahrzad (9); Deubzer, Otmar (7); Zonneveld, Norbert (8)
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Sound Recycling and Transboundary Movements of WEEE Containing Critical Raw Materials – CEWASTE Requirements

Valdivia, Sonia (1); Buchert, Matthias (2); Hilbert, Inga (2); Zonneveld, Norbert (3); Yifaat, Baron (2); Manoochehri, Shahrzad (1); Wuisan, Lindsey (4); Herreras, Lucia (5); Winkler, Josef (6); Deubtzer, Otmar (7); Maijala, Adeline (8)
1: WRFA, St. Gallen, Switzerland; 2: Oeko-Institut, Darmstadt, Germany; 3: EERA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 4: ECOS, Ixelles, Belgium; 5: WEEE Forum, Brussels, Belgium; 6: Austrian Standards International, Vienna, Austria; 7: United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan; 8: SGS, Helsinki, Finland

D.4 Regulation: Ecodesign, Labelling and Future Regulatory Areas

On-mode Test Method for Computers: Enabling the Development of an Energy Label

Tosoratti, Paolo (1); Polverini, Davide (2); Scholand, Michael (3); Arregi, Andoni (4); Roig, Joan (4); Wucher, Thomas (4); Fernandes, Stephen (5)
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